How to save up to 512 € with your watch, smartphone and calculator while refueling

Despite low fuel prices: When refueling you can exploit great savings potential

<strong>Despite low fuel prices: When refueling you can exploit great savings potential</strong>

Gasoline prices are comfortably low compared to previous years. Nevertheless, who wants to save as much fuel costs and avoid unnecessary expenses, should keep track of the fuel prices and use all the options. There are two reasons:


Potential savings when refueling:

    • For those who have to drive a lot, spending on fuel is one of the bigger regular expense items – besides the rent. Although the liter prices are currently still low, here is great potential savings.
    • The fuel prices could soon increase again stronger. Commodity and oil prices are rising again. Gasoline prices are following the oil price trend quickly – especially when prices go up. So it could be over soon with the cheap fuel prices.

      Fortunately, there are simple ways and tools to significantly reduce fuel costs for gasoline or diesel.

      Here are the 3 most important:


Fuel costs sink tip 1: When is refueling the cheapest?

One of the most important tools in saving is your watch. During the day, the price can vary by 15 to 20 cents. The fuel prices usually follow this pattern:

  • On sale of the day, prices are falling: they are highest in the morning, lowest in the early evening.
  • In the evening and at night the prices rise again.

If you want to get the best fuel price, you can refuel in the early evening until about 8 pm. But beware: keep your eyes open! Many a gas station starts earlier in the evening to raise prices again. So do not wait too long in the evening!

Fuel cost sink tip 2: Use the Tank app with your smartphone

Tank apps are becoming increasingly important, showing the way to the cheapest petrol station within reach – such as the app “Spritradar”, which was recently awarded the “Show your App” Award 2016. Such tank apps promise to display the current fuel prices safely, and guide the motorist from its current location there.  

Fuel Cost Lowering Tip 3: How to use your calculator

A common mistake: Many a Sparfuchs goes far to the cheapest gas station to get the best price and get out a few cents. But by the detour he moves so much fuel that the savings are lost again. So calculate with the consumption data of your vehicle whether a saving justifies the detour:

Refuel cheaper – so much savings is possible:

The figures of the Market Transparency Agency for Fuels of the Federal Cartel Office for 2015 clearly show that it is worthwhile to follow these tips:

  • Whoever has driven to the same gas station, could save up to 10 cents per liter depending on the time of day.
  • For example, those who have always selected the cheapest petrol station in the area with the help of relevant apps were able to save up to 20 cents per liter in 2015 despite the low price level.

Example: If you drive regularly and fuel up to 50 liters on average once a week, you can save between 260 and 520 € per year!